10 Times Black Windows Made a Room

Mira Eng-Goetz Belvedere Apartment

I have always had a major weakness for black steel casement windows. In every home I’ve ever lived in, I’ve imagined how much cooler the space would look with just a little bit of a pop from black metal windows. And while I’ve never been able to afford or install them anywhere, I’ve always tried to replicate the look by painting my window frames and sills black. If a room was a face, black window frames would be that perfect coat of mascara that perks everything up and provides a bit of definition. So today I’m honoring one of my favorite design decisions with 10 great rooms that prove sometimes black windows are all you need to really “make” a room. From steel casement windows to painted wooden frames, I hope these spaces might inspire you to take the leap and give it a shot. Whether it’s a country farmhouse, mountain cabin or tiny city apartment, these homes prove that the power of black windows knows no bounds. xo, grace

Image above: Mira Eng-Goetz is an interior designer at Jessica Helgerson Interior Design. Her Portland, Oregon home uses a blue/grey/black color combo masterfully, accented by black windows and white walls.


Image above: These stunning black metal doors and window frames in Candis Cayne’s LA home are exactly what I hope we can install in our home (in some way) one day. They are heaven.


Image above: This Harlem brownstone showcases how strong black window frames can really frame a space and provide contrast to white or neutral walls.


Image above: Jeff and Jason’s Catskills house has incredible black metal windows that were added during renovation. These windows, this couch and this home are the reason we ended up buying our home where we did. We fell in love with this contrast of modern style and a traditional farming town.


Image above: The black windows in this north Portland (“little NoPo”) makeover tie into the rug’s black border, the cabinets’ black hardware and the striped dishtowel. They’re a much needed contrast against the home’s all-white palette.


Image above: Colin and Justin’s cabin contrasts modern black (almost) floor-to-ceiling windows with traditional country vibes. The black framing highlights the architectural shape and layout of the windows as well.


Image above: Lyndsay and Fitzhugh’s Brooklyn home embraces a bright white color palette, but uses black-framed windows to provide a much needed dose of contrast and darkness.


Image above: Jessica Helgerson’s home designs always involve great contrast between hardware, fixtures and wall colors. In this kitchen black, brown and red provide great contrast against the white walls and cabinets.


Image above: When minimalism is the goal, it’s helpful to use a few accent colors or dark neutrals to help define the space and add some dimension. The black windows in Melissa and Keye’s home do just that — and provide a nice backdrop for their photogenic cat.


Image above: This New Zealand home keeps things simple and uses black to help define areas within each room — from the black and white striped rug that defines a dining area to the black metal windows and sliding door that divide the outdoor patio and kitchen.

from Design*Sponge http://www.designsponge.com/2017/04/10-times-black-windows-made-a-room.html


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