12 Tiled Floors To Inspire Any Makeover

rclayton copy

Now that I’m starting to come out of winter hibernation mode, I’ve been daydreaming ways to DIY a mini makeover in our tiny upstairs bathroom. There’s hardly any space to move around in there, but that’s exactly the type of room I love because I feel like tiny spaces make for the most impactful makeovers. I’ve been imagining bold tiles to dress up the floor, so I’ve been relying heavily on our #DSFloors feed for inspiration. And, like always, our community does not disappoint. The wealth of amazing ideas is overwhelming and it’s making me think about everything from traditional Moroccan tiles to modern pink cement tiles. I’ll be sure to post whatever we choose, but in the meantime, here are 12 of my favorites to inspire. If you need more floor ideas, check out our favorite floor makeover ideas here. xo, grace

Image above by @RClayton

deerseason87 copy
Image above by @deerseason87

levi_higgs copy
Image above by @levi_higgs

lilykatefrance copy
Image above by @lilykatefrance

jennifere1izabeth copy
Image above by @jennifere1izabeth

citysage copy
Image above by @citysage

luna_zorro copy
Image above by @luna_zorro

dilyaba copy
Image above by @dilyaba

dahliawarner copy
Image above by @dahliawarner

chicastacos copy
Image above by @chicastacos

artinthefind copy
Image above by @artinthefind

aliciadrown copy
Image above by @aliciadrown

from Design*Sponge http://www.designsponge.com/2017/03/12-tiled-floors-to-inspire-any-makeover.html


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