Reclaimed Pieces & Vintage Finds Transform a New Orleans Bungalow

Reclaimed Pieces & Vintage Finds Transform a New Orleans Bungalow

For about eight years, Patrick was kicking it solo in his New Orleans, LA Craftsman. He’d spend time in the gardens doing maintenance here and cleaning up there, tending to what he admits was a pretty cookie-cutter-style home. Then his partner Alex Geriner, the founder of Doorman Designs, came into the picture. For the first bit of their relationship they made little updates around the house, until one year ago when the transformation truly started to take off and Alex moved in. After the move-in, the two vowed to inject more personality into their home and have since turned the simple space into a treasure trove of vintage finds and reclaimed goods.

Alex’s background in furniture design has had a major impact on the home’s current style. His studio makes everything from dressers to bed frames, all of which are featured throughout his and Patrick’s house. Most of the pieces are made out of found wood Alex has brought back from all over the place: some pieces are from Indonesia, some are from right there in New Orleans. Keep an eye out for the 500-pound cypress table in the living room. It’s a stunner.

Peppered about the reclaimed items is a curated collection of vintage finds. Both men have a penchant for throwback pieces, and when they moved in together they started combing through their existing inventory as well as snagging new items to enrich each room. The pair ended up with so much art, for example, they’ve have been able to create gallery walls in many of the three-bedroom, two-bath house’s rooms. One honors their love of birds, while another captures their flair for the eclectic. Overall, this touch and more has truly transformed what was once your typical Craftsman into a home that captures its owners’ personalities and tastes. Click through to take a look at how the bungalow has come together over the past year. Enjoy! —Garrett

Photography by Alex Geriner

from Design*Sponge


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