spring has sprung, and i’m back!

flowers in front of a pink wall / sfgirlbybay

it seems as though i’ve been gone forever, but i have returned from my european travels and cannot wait to share all i’ve seen and been inspired by! there’s just so much to tell you about: a new business endeavor i hope you are going to go a little bit bananas for (i am over the moon excited to share what’s up and will do so very soon!); my travels and must-sees in france — from lyon, avignon and Marseilles and onto paris, i’ve got quite a few gems to tell you about; and then finally my week in london — what shops to bop, and what bites to eat — there are loads to see and do and i’ll be sharing a few city guides soon (so many pics to edit!).

european flower market / sfgirlbybay

one of the glorious parts of my visit across the pond was that spring had sprung, and all over France the cherry blossoms were bursting forth and in London daffodils perked up every park. from columbia road market to many paris merchants’ flower stands — kiosks everywhere overflowed with fresh picks and streets gleamed just a little brighter. here’s just a sneak peek. it’s good to be home, and just like spring, i’m rejuvenated and ready to go!

bucket of pink roses on sidewalk. / sfgirlbybay

vines growing over european flower shop. / sfgirlbybay

Harry Brand flower market. / sfgirlbybay

vibrant colorful flowers in europe. / sfgirlbybay

london flower shop. / sfgirlbybay

white flowers on tree in europe. / sfgirlbybay

flowers in europe. / sfgirlbybay

flowers in france. / sfgirlbybay

• photos by sfgirlbybay.

from sfgirlbybay http://www.sfgirlbybay.com/2017/03/21/spring-has-sprung-and-im-back/


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