Yinka Ilori + Best of the Web


Earlier this week we, and many others, got over two feet of snow in one day. The rest of the week was filled with fits and spurts of snow shoveling and creating runs for the dogs to make their way through the yard (which is now filled with solid snow drifts taller than they are). The monotonous sea of snow-on-snow is getting to me, so I find myself craving COLOR and pattern in a major way. Enter: the incredible design work of British-Nigerian designer, Yinka Ilori.

Inspired by the unnecessary waste he saw in European and West African consumer cultures, Yinka decided to create something beautiful with furniture and found objects that had been discarded. Upcycling and finding ways to reuse and re-celebrate things that have been tossed aside is near and dear to our hearts at D*S, so these pieces are just the jolt of excitement that the winter blues are calling for. Click here to check out more of his work online or here to check out more on Instagram. xo, grace

illori illori 2



from Design*Sponge http://www.designsponge.com/2017/03/yinka-ilori-best-of-the-web.html


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