Little King: Where the Bar’s Gilded, but the Vibe’s Casual

Little King: Where the Bar’s Gilded, but the Vibe’s Casual

We’ve all been there. You’ve just traded in your work clothes for a pair of sweatpants, and *bam* hunger strikes. “Great. I guess it’s time to cook, ‘cuz I’m clearly not going anywhere,” you think to yourself. Or maybe you still can. If you’re a Brooklynite, I know you have a Pinterest board on how to dress up those sweatpants, so pair them with a bomber jacket and get yourself to Williamsburg’s trendy new spot Little King. The team behind it has put together a gorgeous – yet approachable – space that beckons all types, from those in their “Sunday sweats [to their] Sunday best.”

Working within a shoestring budget, the space’s designer Christina Salway had to adopt this same “anything goes” attitude while putting together the look of the restaurant. You name it, garage sales, auctions, Craigslist — no source was below Little King. In fact, these secondhand options ended up offering items with the perfect patina and character she was looking for at a fraction of big-box-store prices. To squeeze every last drop out of the budget, Christina even went so far as to hand stencil Little King’s harlequin floor herself! As you’ll see, it flows up to a lustrous bar she and the team refurbished, and the entire scene is lit by orb lights that prove one man’s trash can be another man’s treasure (the entire set was only $250). Click through to take a look at the entire space. It’s sure to not only get your eyes popping, but your stomach growling. Enjoy! —Garrett

Photography by Jane Beiles

from Design*Sponge


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