3 Kid-Friendly DIYs for your Snow Day Craft Arsenal


When I was a youngster, snow days were filled with wet snowsuits and layers of socks. The digital age has changed this to some degree. Now, some kids forego frosty, outdoor fun and retreat to their screens when school is cancelled. These three DIYs might just lure them out of their rooms and inspire some creativity indoors, especially if you resort to turning the Internet off, like I have. After a few growls and dramatic sighs, I managed to coax my 10-year-old daughter to the dining room table for a craft challenge with these DIYs fit for display. Best of all, you probably have all of the supplies necessary on hand! I’ve added some substitution tips just in case. –Caitlin

CLICK THROUGH for the instructions for this Modernist Tissue Paper Art DIY, plus two more that are perfect for keeping the kids busy and creative any time. 

Modernist Tissue Paper Art DIY

With four supplies and some imagination, your child can create a display-worthy piece of art that even the most discerning parent would admire. If you don’t save tissue paper from countless birthday parties your child attends, no worries! Tear text and/or images from newspapers and magazines. Another good substitute (that actually extends the length of time for the project — secret parent wink 😉 for tissue paper is torn paper towel strips that get individually painted, dried and then arranged on the “canvas.” White school glue works just as well as Mod Podge or decoupage adhesive.

Get the full instructions right here!


Next up is the good ole Apple Stamp Table Runner DIY. No apples? No problem. Grab a potato instead and (have the adult) cut out an apple shape. Use an old sheet for the runner fabric. If that’s not an option, taping sheets of paper together to create one will do. Time stretcher tip: Have your child draw a series of shapes and cut them out. The more ideas/shapes the better. Once the shapes are cut out, have your child design the runner by placing the cut-outs in the sequence they love on the fabric or paper. When they’ve decided on their design and placements, carve the apple or potato and let them stamp away.

If you don’t have any paint on hand, leftover coffee or juice from a can of beets will work too. Full instructions here.


Tape Frames

We whipped up these very cute washi tape frames a few years ago, but masking, or even painters tape, will do. Give your kids a stack of magazines you’re finished with and have them pull or cut out their favorite photos. Let them hang their picks with looped tape on the back of the pages. Toss them the washi or masking tape and let them create frames around their photos. Definitely show them this photo below for inspiration so they can spend some time trying to figure out how to make some of the “fancy” frames.

Get the project overview here.


from Design*Sponge http://www.designsponge.com/2017/03/3-kid-friendly-diys-for-your-snow-day-craft-arsenal.html


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