Window Shopping: Budget-Friendly Bohemian

Window Shopping on Design*SpongeJoey and Mark’s dreamy Victorian is bursting with color, texture and a variety of pattern styles. Each room is designed around an inspiring statement piece that sets the tone of the space and contributes to the eclectic feeling of the home. The couple owns Ball & Claw Vintage and carries their love of vintage home by mixing colorful textiles, large artwork, and plant life that makes guests feel as if they are walking through a museum every time they visit. Their thoughtful approach to color is visible in every room and blends seamlessly with their collection of vintage pieces and unique compositions. Joey and Mark know how to find great décor and have spent countless weekends tracking down the pieces that fill their beautifully curated home.

So where are the places we can go to find stylish and affordable décor? I often find myself on Etsy, Craigslist or scouring thrift stores and estate sales to discover discarded items that I can love. Joey and Mark’s space proves that repurposing vintage items is a great way to create a home with a reduced price tag. We all have different levels of affordability and a difference of opinion on what we feel is a valuable investment based on our own means. Some value a well-made coffee table or original artwork, while others would rather splurge on fresh bed linens. Some would gawk at spending over $20 on a pillow, and someone else could consider a striking textile worth a little extra cash. A personal goal of mine is to build the type of home that considers each item with a high level of questioning before making a purchase. I like to ask myself; where is this going to live and what is its purpose, and is this something I will find beautiful in five to ten years? The lists below are intended to provide examples of products that can help achieve a look similar to Joey and Mark’s space, with fewer dollars. —Bethany

Window Shopping on Design*Sponge
Palette 1 – Bedroom
A. Malted (Behr), Pantone 4755 C; B. Raphael (Benjamin Moore), Pantone 7616 C; C. Caramel Toffee (Valspar), Pantone 729 C; D. Peach Medley (Glidden), Pantone 1555 C; E. Construction Zone (Behr), Pantone 1575 C

Roundup 1 – Bedroom
1. Devanagri Orange Cushion, $12; 2. Pattern Throw $84.40; 3. Tejn Rug $14.99; 4. Swedish Woven Tapestry $35; 5. Mid Century Modern End Table $94.99; 6. Mexico Travel Poster $10.90; 7. Fjellse Bed Frame $89.99; 8. Chandelier Pendant $108.98; 9. Terracotta Planter $35; 10. Gold Task Lamp $23.99

See two more rooms from Joey and Mark’s home — and ideas to pull off a similar look — after the jump!

Window Shopping on Design*Sponge Window Shopping on Design*Sponge
Palette 2 – Living Room
A. Cerise (Sherwin Williams), Pantone 194 C; B. Sunshine (Benjamin Moore), Pantone 7548 C; C. Clear Blue Sky (Glidden), Pantone 7457 C; D. Indigo Batik (Behr), Pantone 7455 C; E. Simply Green (Valspar), Pantone 7730 C

Roundup 2 – Living Room
1. Lamp Base $36.99; 2. Papasan Stool $29.70; 3. Akai Retro Radio $41.90; 4. White Ceramic Bamboo Bowl $14.98; 5. Vintage Landscape Painting $75; 6. Kilim Pillow Cover $24.60; 7. Bahasa Wicker Stacking Chair $59.98; 8. Mid Century Modern Round Coffee Table $87.28; 9. Chandelier Pendant $125; 10. Accent Throw $44

Window Shopping on Design*SpongeWindow Shopping on Design*Sponge

Palette 3 – Home Office/Guest Room
A. Air Kiss (Valspar), Pantone 545 C; B. Yellow Flash (Benjamin Moore), Pantone 1235 C; C. Deep Onyx (Glidden), Pantone Black C; D. Cabaret (Behr), Pantone 7431 C; E. Salon Green (Valspar), Pantone 5575 C

Roundup 3 – Home Office/Guest Room
1. Explorer Globe $55.50; 2. Saddle Blanket $35.99; 3. Rattan Swivel Rocker $201.06; 4. Druvfläder Plant Pot $5.99; 5. Pair of Vintage Landscape Oil Paintings $32; 6. Carpenter’s Tool Box Chest $104; 7. Pink Francisco Pillow $52; 8. Pyrex Erlenmeyer 1000 ml Flask $12.55; 9. Thomas Floor Lamp $107.94; 10. Mudcloth Throw $86; 11. Faux Fur Pillow $17.99

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