Design from A to Z: A is for A-Frame

Design from A to Z: A is for A-Frame

Though it may immediately bring to mind images of Alpine skiing chalets, the A-Frame is an ancient design originally found in Europe, Asia and even the Pacific Islands. Its steeply pitched roof not only gave it its name, but served residents well in areas that saw lots of rain and/or snow. Architects such as Andrew Geller, Henrik H. Bull, George Rockrise and more, helped the A-frame gain popularity in the 1950s as they began to utilize the design for vacation homes.

Due to the A-frame’s low construction costs and adaptability to different designs and terrain, it wasn’t long before retailers like Macy’s began selling prefabricated A-frame kits, which helped the style maintain popularity through the 1970s. Building on that nostalgia — and coupled with its versatility — the A-frame is popular once again with those looking for a unique getaway spot (and homeowners alike). —Allison

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