10 Socially Conscious Brands to Support

10 Socially Conscious Brands to Support

This past fall, I had the great privilege of attending the last In The Company of Women book tour event in Philadelphia. It was a week after the election. Spirits were understandably dashed, but definitely not defeated. The creative community came together, shed a few tears, laughed heartily and felt inspired by each other. Above all, there was a very palpable commitment to be stronger, more confident, to listen and to be heard.

I’m truly grateful for the Design*Sponge community because just when I start to feel the state of affairs weighing on me, I’ll read a post or jump on an assignment that reminds me of this: creativity and design are important! We designers can make an impact. We do not have to be made of time or money to support the causes we believe in because we can think outside the box.

I hope this roundup of 10 socially conscious brands inspires you not only to support these creative businesses, but also to find your own voice and your own way to stand up for your causes. I know they inspired me. This is merely scratching the surface, so please share other inspiring businesses or projects to support in the comments below. —Quelcy

from Design*Sponge http://www.designsponge.com/2017/02/10-socially-conscious-brands-to-support.html


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