Peek Inside the Brooklyn Home of our Favorite Envelope Artist


Scrolling through artist Lucy Halcomb’s Instagram feed is one of my favorite pastimes. From her sunny Boerum Hill, Brooklyn apartment, Lucy creates the daintiest of paintings on the backs (and sometimes fronts) of colorful envelopes. Flipping through her tiny artworks dedicated to coffee cups, cornbread and cakes, feels like catching a glimpse of what Wayne Thiebaud would be doing if he had been on Instagram as a young artist. But Lucy, of course, has her own unique style and feel to her work, the majority of which celebrates the bright, bold colors that I am so craving right now, combined with actual cravings of mine like s’mores, mille-feuille and soft serve with sprinkles.


I was curious to see where all of these mini masterpieces are made, and today we’re getting a peek inside Lucy’s home, where she also creates larger illustrations and does freelance art direction work for clients. Lucy first saw her home when her friends were living there three years ago, but after they decided to move west to Seattle, WA, she knew she had to take the chance to move into this space — with its tall windows and abundant natural light (just a short walk from the Brooklyn Heights Promenade). I love imagining all of the teeny confections that come to life at this kitchen table and seeing how Lucy’s trademark sunny color palette finds its way into other areas of her home. xo, grace

Image above: Lucy’s sunny living room features a large painting (right side) by Kristin Texeira. “She paints these beautiful memory maps,” Lucy explains, “and this one is about the vacations I took with my family to the Alabama Gulf Coast as a child.” The pink and red image to the right of Kristin’s painting is a print by Lucy’s youngest brother, Will, from his Cowboy series. Below that is an etching by Nall, another Alabama artist. Lucy’s uncle gave her this Nall piece for her 30th birthday this year. It’s one of Nall’s earlier works from the 1970s and shows a man that her Uncle Dan knows.


Image above: Lucy’s living room is full of colorful artwork. The highest painting above her TV is made of tiny gouache dots, an art project Lucy completed with her first NYC roommate. The one on the left below it is a pencil and acrylic drawing of a rug by Rachel Domm. The red dot painting is one Lucy painted.


Image above: On top of Lucy’s living room bookshelf is a stack of paint plates that rotates based on what she’s currently working on.


Image above: Lucy’s art collection celebrates so many artists from her home state of Alabama, like this painting by Myrtice West. Lucy’s Uncle Dan is an avid collector of Southern and Alabama art. Every Christmas he sends Lucy and her two brothers a painting from his own collection (he has six storage units filled with art and antiques!), and she treasures them so much.


Image above: Lucy’s kitchen/living room space is a blend of where she eats and does all of her painting. Lucy says, “I’ve been meaning to buy a portable desk so I can face the TV while I paint, but for now I listen to podcasts.” The vase in the windowsill was made by her friend, the former tenant’s younger brother, Mark Reagin, who’s an incredible potter.


Image above: Lucy’s home studio. This is her setup when she sits down to paint envelopes.


Image above: An overhead view of Lucy’s sketchbook. She practices drawing here first and then paints directly onto each envelope using gouache. “I use my bread and butter plates (from Fishs Eddy’s dollar room) as palettes,” Lucy shares. “I love to see how they look once I’m done working. It’s always a surprise.”


Image above: Lucy keeps blank envelopes on a bookshelf in her living room. She picks up all of her blank paper products at Paper Presentation, her favorite store in New York City.


Image above: Like the rest of her apartment, Lucy’s kitchen contains wonderful artwork. The drawing in the top left of this photo is by Lucy’s talented youngest brother, Will. Lucy isn’t wild about the dark brown cabinets in her apartment, but uses bright artwork to keep her space colorful.


Image above: Of her bedroom, Lucy says, “It’s interesting to live in a space that you’ve previously visited multiple times (while my friends lived in this apartment). I’ve set up the bedroom very differently from how they had it set up. Mostly because I’m a nerd and MUST make up my bed every morning, so I had to have access to both sides.”


Image above: Lucy made the drawings over her bed, but she’s looking forward to slowly collecting artwork by other artists to display.


Image above: The wall next to Lucy’s bed features two screen prints by Steve Powers. “I have a habit of staying up very late on the weekends when I’m at home, so I thought they were appropriate,” she explains.


Image above: Lucy’s mini mille-feuille envelope.


Image above: Lucy’s tiny Hostess Cake artwork.


Image above: Lucy’s tiny sushi painting!

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