10 Designers and Artists Over 60 To Follow and Support

10 Designers and Artists Over 60 To Follow and Support

I’m not going to lie, finding designers over 60 was hard for two reasons: many of them are not on the web or social media, and they aren’t broadcasting their ages. But after some digging and lots of rabbit holes, I was able to round up 10 amazing artists, designers and architects, that can be found online and are truly ones to watch. I am so excited about the people that I found, because honestly, I wasn’t familiar with any of this class, except for three. I found that all of them have a very unique voice that they bring to design and clearly aren’t allowing today’s social media to influence their aesthetics. Please have a look, and I do hope that you enjoy what they bring to the conversation as much as I do. —Erin

All photography found via the artists’ sites unless noted. 

from Design*Sponge http://www.designsponge.com/2017/01/wise-words-10-designers-and-artists-over-60-to-follow-and-support.html


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