DIY: New Year’s Eve Countdown Clock & Party Décor


I’ve been searching for an affordable wall clock for my office for a few months now, and then it dawned on me — I’ll just make my own! A quick trip to the craft store, some metallic paint from Waverly Inspirations and some silver star glitter later, I was all set to get started. Of course, I also fell in love with some ribbons and thought how perfect they would look in some glass vases for some New Year’s Eve decorations, so I picked up a few spools and some black and white fabric. Not only was I going to create my own wall clock, it was going to serve double-duty as our official New Year’s Eve countdown clock. —Caitlin

Click through for the full DIY and some fun décor ideas to celebrate the new year!


*This post is brought to you in collaboration with Waverly Inspirations. This project, ideas, and words are from us here at D*S and were created by us,  for you. Thanks for supporting our sponsors that help us create and publish original content three times per day. The Waverly Inspirations collection is available at Walmart.


  • Wood Clock Kit (available at craft stores)
  • Metallic Paint (We used Waverly Inspirations’ Silver & Black Opal)
  • Paint Brush
  • Masking Tape



1. Use the masking tape to tape off a portion of the clock that you’ll paint with one of your colors.

2. Using long brush strokes with a firm paint brush, cover the wood surface with your metallic paint. (We used the Waverly Inspirations 3/4″ brush and if you’re using Waverly Inspirations metallic paint, you’ll only need one coat!) Let the paint dry approximately 30 minutes.

3. Remove the masking tape gently at a 45-degree angle. You should have a nice, crisp line.

4. Tape off another section of the clock for your second color. Note that you’ll have to tape over your first color-blocked section, so try to line up the edge of the tape to the paint line edge as shown below.

5. Paint your second color onto that section of the clock. Let dry.

6. Once dry, remove the tape gently.


7. Use the cap of the paint jar to trace a circle at the twelve mark on the clock.


8. Using a smaller brush, apply glue to the circle.


9. Sprinkle your glitter so that it covers the glue. Let dry 30 minutes.

10. Shake off the glitter and hang your clock!


Here’s a few more other crafty tips for some easy décor to keep the mood festive for your celebration:

1. Ribbons are the new marbles. Fill glass vases with decorative ribbon of different patterns and widths for a fun, festive display. Add some dried flowers or clippings of evergreens from your yard if you’re so inclined! We used a wide ogee patterned ribbon in white, black and silver and a thin metallic silver ribbon for our vase below. Both are from Waverly Inspirations. Let the thin ribbon tumble out of the vase to create some sparkle and shine on your table.


2. Find some vintage champagne glasses at a thrift store & use metallic paint to add a pattern. Be sure to keep the painted pattern low enough on the glass so it’s away from where lips rest while drinking! 


3. Hang graphic numbers to “spell” out the new year. Cover cardboard numbers with a bright pattern and hang them in your entryway or in a central location that works in your space.


Wishing you a fun and crafty 2017!

from Design*Sponge


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