13 Wallpaper Designs to Swoon Over

13 Wallpaper Designs to Swoon Over

Styles, trends and tastes change in the course of a few years, or even decades. We see cycles of homes with beige and bold colors to homes with white or light grey walls, and then more color and interest again. It’s why trends that die out eventually come back around. They offer something that the status-quo can’t quench. Wallpaper is a trend that I’ve been so happy to see make its way back to the home goods market. Removing 1950s wallpaper is a huge headache, and it can be a pain to even put up, but wallpaper can be the perfect addition of color, texture and pattern that will bring a room to life.

Wallpaper products are more sophisticated this time around with easier applications, removable options and a broader range of designs to choose from. Surface and textile designers are including wallpaper in their shops, graphic and pattern designers are releasing sponsored collections, wall treatment companies are updating their stock and trendy start-ups are offering large-scale murals and removable wallpaper in every pattern imaginable. We’ve rounded up 13 of our favorite wallpaper products that feel fresh, sophisticated and full of personality. Wallpaper will be sticking around for a while (literally and figuratively) and if you can find a pattern and colorway you love for your space, it might be worth the trouble of putting it up. –Lauren

from Design*Sponge http://www.designsponge.com/2016/12/13-wallpaper-designs-to-swoon-over.html


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