12 Pretty & Functional Ways to Style Your Bedside Table

12 Pretty & Functional Ways to Style Your Bedside Table

Good bedside styling is two-fold. First comes the art of deciding what essentials you want on display and which ones you want to tuck away. Do you opt for beautiful packaging for your lip balm and face cream so they can be proudly out all the time? Or, does that feel excessive, and you instead love the comfort and ease of shoving anything you don’t want out in the open into a drawer or basket? Once you’ve decided what you want to leave out as part of your bedside vignette (it doesn’t have to be complicated, “vignette” sounds fancy, but it’s really just a little scene) we’re onto what type of bedside table style best suits you and your space.

If you’ve got the room, you can go as big as you like! We’ve gathered some of our favorite options that offer more than enough storage (we’re looking at you, vintage medicine cabinet with luxuriously suede-lined drawers!) and even some with enough room to function for multiple purposes. If you’re in a more compact space, we also have found shelf bedside alternatives, a fold-down table option, and even skipping the table altogether and opting for a tray. We’re also sharing examples of how to make your table look less crowded (hint, limited color palette), and great ways to use baskets to extend your bedside essential area. —Rebekah

from Design*Sponge http://www.designsponge.com/2016/11/12-pretty-functional-ways-to-style-your-bedside-table.html


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