10 Favorites from Aveda to Jump-Start Holiday Season Self-Care


Moving into the holiday season after a heavy election can feel like continuing the same level of stress, so I’m indulging in some early self-care treats like a pre-Thanksgiving massage, and honestly, more than a few treats from Aveda. The aromatherapy scents of each and every product help me make it through the day after such a bumpy ride into this holiday season. From my morning brushing routine to my favorite lip product, these 10 favorites from Aveda are great reminders that beauty products can (and should be) good for you. And yep, everyone on my Christmas list always gets an Aveda Lip Saver in their stocking! Keep reading to learn why these are my favorites (and might become yours, too!). –Caitlin


1. Tulasāra Radiant Awakening Ritual: Starting your day by doing something that is pure calm and pure self-care is the best thing you can do to have a productive and happy day. I dry brush every morning and let my face steep in the oleation oil while I do my morning meditation. This 10-minute ritual helps me power through.

2. Shampure Wet & Dry Shampoo: I’m a single mom with a full-time job and a 10-year old daughter’s full schedule. My hair does not get washed each day. Oh, but when it does, it’s a great experience and I never want to leave the smells of my bathroom. When it doesn’t, I still get the smile and benefits with the Shampure Dry Shampoo version.

3. Nourish-mint Smoothing Lip Color: I don’t wear makeup every day, but I do dab on my Poppy (color) lipstick with my Lip Saver in the morning to encourage me out of my sweatpants.

4. Petal Essence Face Accents: I can get super-fancy with these three fresh-face shades, but I generally just dust some on for some little highlights.

5. Rosemary Mint Body Polish: This exfoliating treat is completely invigorating and a summer must-have for me. I use it more sparingly in the winter, but my feet and elbows get the full treatment year-round.

6. Lip Saver: Throw all of your other lip balms away. This is the only one you will ever want or need once you’ve tried it.

7. Feeling Balance Is A Gift Aromatherapy Kit: I recently started using this scent set and it has become so useful in my expanded full-body scans when I’m in need of a full hour of meditation. Each spray is designed for a specific chakra and helps me focus on that particular area.

8. Nourish-mint Lip Shine (in Thyme Bud): I keep this in my purse for touch-ups and a little shine when I’m out and about.

9. Shampure Soy Candle: I had no idea that my favorite shampoo scent was available in a candle until my aunt sent me one as a birthday gift. She runs three Aveda salons and knows my obsession with the Shampure scent so she came up with the perfect present this year, hands down.

10. Hand Relief Moisturizing Creme: (1st photo): All I can say is thank you Aveda for this light and super-effective hand cream. I tended to use my oleation oil and face lotion on my hands because I’d never taken the time to order a hand creme. The fact that $4 of the purchase price goes to support cruelty-free breast cancer research made me finally click “buy.”

from Design*Sponge http://www.designsponge.com/2016/11/our-top-10-picks-from-aveda.html


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