A Pretty, but Not Precious, Mid-Century Home in Dallas, TX

A Pretty, but Not Precious, Mid-Century Home in Dallas, TX

There was a time when it was in vogue to cover your sofas in plastic, keep the formal dining room spotless, and strive for perfectly-visible vacuum lines. It was the age of tupperware and pastels, when keeping things preserved was obviously the way to go. Times are changing, though. We are seeing more and more homes built to be truly lived in. No rooms are off limits, decorations are less precious and kids are more free to be creative and (dare I say it) mess things up a little.

There’s such freedom and joyfulness that comes with this feeling of letting go. And that’s exactly what Katie Sarokhanian of Rus in Urbe Home and her husband Nicholas strive to infuse into the Dallas, TX home where they’re raising their three daughters. By setting a certain tone with the decorations they bring home, Katie and Nicholas let the kiddos know that messing up a little something there or getting something dirty here isn’t a big deal. Instead of being focused on how they’re making a mess, they want their daughters to focus on things that bring them joy. In order to keep themselves from stressing when stuff gets broken or blemished, they eagerly pick through vintage shops and browse Craigslist listings. Not only is it fun, but since these thrifty finds don’t break the bank, their wear and tear is much easier to take. “My most important goal is to never be attached to any thing in my home. I want my friends’ kids to run around and have fun. I like having the house full of people, and I never ever care when wine is spilled or things are broken,” Katie tells us.

Just because these affordable finds aren’t shiny and new doesn’t mean Katie and Nicholas have sacrificed their personal style. On the contrary, their collection of pillows and textiles seems right out of a bohemian dream. Rich red blankets, patterned pillows and an eclectic mixture of layered textiles help guests and the family alike feel at home from the second they walk in the door. Click through to see just how well the couple has managed to craft a pretty home that isn’t afraid to get a little dirty. Enjoy! —Garrett

Photography by Kris Ellis

from Design*Sponge http://www.designsponge.com/2016/11/a-pretty-but-not-precious-mid-century-home-in-dallas-tx.html


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