Design Updates Help a Victorian Cottage Swing Into This Century

Design Updates Help a Victorian Cottage Swing Into This Century

User experience designer and illustrator Jory Dayne had been looking to move for a while, but the high home prices in Salt Lake City, UT had him less than enthused. The houses he was interested in — those that were older and had vintage character — just so happened to be on the more costly end of the already-expensive spectrum. Great. Luckily, a colleague happened to be moving to California, and asked Jory if he would be interested in buying their 1890s-era, eclectic, Victorian cottage. Jory thought, “Jackpot.”

Located 45 minutes outside the city in Provo, the two-story home features a mix of original and updated elements. That being said, Jory’s main goal upon moving in was to “unify the space.” He didn’t want to lean too far into period decor because he felt it would come off as insincere. But if he made the space too modern, it would look like every other house on the block. A happy medium was the answer. White walls throughout help the space feel crisp and bright, while details like original doors and windows keep with the home’s heritage. All in all, you can absolutely still see its original character shine throughout, but all the modern amenities and design touches are 100% there. Mission accomplished. Click through to take a peek. Enjoy! —Garrett

Photography by Weston Colton

from Design*Sponge


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