10 Charming London-Based Interiors

10 Charming London-Based Interiors

When I was a child, my great aunt sent me a little tin filled with butter cookies from her recent trip to London. It was shaped like a double-decker bus, with people looking out the windows at the sights, presumably (“Look kids, Big Ben, Parliament”). I loved that tin, as it became the home for my Lite-Brite pegs after the cookies were eaten up. All these years later, I still have that little bus and it still houses Lite-Brite pegs. It’s always been more than that to me, though. At a very young age, her gift opened the door to the idea of London and travel for me. It left me curious about the towns, the countryside and the colors of England.

Sometimes I get lost in the set of a movie and more times than not, it’s set in London. I spend most of the movie wondering where was it filmed, with their perfect storefronts and that vintage decor of plaids and the perfect floral wallpaper. I quickly add it to my list of places to visit (again). I have been there once, for about eight hours, when I used to tour with bands, selling their merchandise. Not long enough to take in any of the beauty or the sights. As I got older, the intrigue has continued and moved to the homes of London. Are they all regal and fancy? Are they cozy or cheery? Do they look like the set of The King’s Speech (which is honestly the most perfect movie set in my opinion)? I hope this roundup of 10 London interiors, from previous Sneak Peeks, will answer as many questions for you as it did for me. —Erin

from Design*Sponge http://www.designsponge.com/2016/11/best-of-london-interiors.html


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