In Good Company


This week has been a momentous one. And as I head into the weekend and a fresh lineup of posts and ideas for next week, I’m feeling ready to move on to the next project. And for me, that’s something you can pick up, in print, on a regular basis, starting next year. I have strong ideas about how this new project should look, sound and feel, but I want to spend a lot of time listening to what you have to say first. I’m taking the inspiration and motivation we’ve gotten from In the Company of Women (which made the NY Times Bestseller List this week!) and the surrounding book tour and turning those topics (life, work, overcoming challenges, finding motivation and community) into a magazine that is equal parts inspiring and relatable.

So I’d like to know: what would you like to see in a project like this that you’re not already getting in other places? I have no desire to reinvent or overlap what other publications (online and off) are already doing well, so I want to focus on the things we aren’t fully addressing or working on providing solutions for. What would help you stay motivated? Push through tough times? Connect to other people? What would help you feel on track and accountable for the dreams and goals you have? Please leave any and all ideas in the comment section below and know they will be carefully considered, and appreciated, as part of the first issue of this project. Until Monday, sending love and support to everyone. xo, grace

Above: Photo of Maya Gorgoni of Royal Harlem Jelly, an outtake from In the Company of Women, photographed by Sasha Israel.

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