Vintage Treasures Create an Ever-Changing Home for a Family of Six

Vintage Treasures Create an Ever-Changing Home for a Family of Six

While many of us try to find that one right spot for our favorite pieces, Chi Yang is busy moving things around. There is rarely a day when her home looks like it did the day before — most of the time something that was there on the last visit has been replaced by something else on the next. Chi, who shares her ever-changing home with husband Jerret and sons Jerret Jr, Maddox, Liam and Charlie, runs online vintage shop Simplychi on Etsy. Her constant flow of inventory and items shipping out has resulted in a home with a truly fluid look and feel, where nothing stays the same for long.

When Chi and her husband Jerret found out that they were expecting their third son, they decided to move to their current, quieter neighborhood in Antelope, CA. Although their growing family needed more space, Chi and Jerret still wanted to keep things cozy. They opted for a remodeled house in a calm court, right across from an egret reservoir. With three bedrooms and 1,400 square feet, their house is big enough to cater for their family’s needs, but small enough to allow them to focus on each other, rather than excessive amounts of house chores. Despite pieces from Chi’s shop on display, the family has created a space where all four boys can play freely. The open floor plan has turned out to be exactly what Chi and her family needed. “With the boys, we wanted to be able to still keep an eye on them yet be able to do our own things, and this house provided that,” she explains.

Chi loves having friends and family over, and her open-plan home is ideal for entertaining. Visitors always have new things to admire — and sometimes be creeped out about! Chi loves to collect old mannequins, dolls and portraits, and on more than one occasion guests have been surprised by a torso displayed in a corner and a random antique photograph mixed in with the family wall collage. Chi’s inventory is what gives this home such rich character, from impressive wall basket collections to bohemian textiles. It also adds to her own style, a mix of earthy tones, lots of plants and quirky, “jungalow” inspired pieces. With Chi’s online business expanding, the family has thought about eventually purchasing a larger house, but they’re in no rush. At least for a few more years, their small home will do double duty as an inspiring — and often unexpected — vintage treasure display. Sofia

Photography by Chi Yang

from Design*Sponge


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