15 Of Our Favorite Creative Headboards

15 Of Our Favorite Creative Headboards

Headboards are something that so often can be an afterthought. You may have carefully researched and debated over what type of mattress you were going to buy, but when you get to the headboard you may simply be looking for something to house said mattress. Today we have rounded up 15 examples of thinking outside the box (store) for a headboard that can either fulfill a fantasy (one homeowner dreamed of sleeping in a bookstore and found the next best alternative), serve as a safety barrier for a kids’ room (no exposed outlets here), create an illusion of the outdoors when there are no windows, or cleverly reuse found and salvaged items to have a life beyond their original purpose.

Do you have a creative alternative, or beautiful DIY, that you discovered for your own headboards? We hope these homeowners inspire you, as much as they did us, for your own headboard experimentations! —Rebekah

from Design*Sponge http://www.designsponge.com/2016/11/15-of-our-favorite-creative-headboards.html


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