Estate Sale No. 2: Natural & Cozy with EBTH


Fall is upon us, this we know. I’m personally battling giant leaves in my new home’s gutters and realizing that I do actually need to rid my yard of the piles of brown and gold. It’s nice to take ownership of my chores and watch nature in transition outdoors, and I find myself craving those same natural elements and colors when I come in from my chilly November homeowner job. Because I was a renter until recently, I always filled my rentals with more color than was perhaps necessary in an attempt to me-ify them to the max. Now that I’ve settled into a home of my own on two acres in the woods, I need less color, more cozy warmth and pieces with history that inspire me to build my own story here.

In this week’s edition of Estate Sale, I’ve picked out some amazing pieces on EBTH that feel warm and storied and have a narrative of their own. If you’re not familiar with EBTH, aka Everything But The House, definitely check out our first Estate Sale post here! –Caitlin


Image above (clockwise): Hahoe Mask Display / Current Bid $8 | Fish Cutting Board / Current Bid $130 | Bent Wood Arm Chair / Current Bid $18 | Horse Head Bookends / Current Bid $26 | Mexican Serapes / Current Bid $7 | Mexican Pottery / Current Bid $ 1 

Click through to see more of my picks and hopefully be inspired to weave your own warm stories for the chilly months ahead. You’ll also have a chance to win a $500 gift card to spend on EBTH. Details after the jump!


*This post is brought to you in collaboration with Everything But The House, our favorite online auction house and a company that we believe in.  All content, ideas, and words are my own. 


Image above (clockwise): Petrified Wood Bookends / Current Bid $17 | Chinese Resin Vase / Current Bid $1 | Copper Boiler Tub / Current Bid $12 | Basket Tray Assortment / Current Bid $1 | Vintage Steamer Trunk / Current Bid $22 | Marble Topped Stands / Current Bid $18| Papier-Mâché Giraffe / Current Bid $3


For those of you who are hearing about EBTH for the first time, it works like this — you bid on the items like you would on eBay and you receive email notifications if you win the auction or if you got outbid. You can search by what’s ending the soonest, by most popular, by city, or by your own custom search term like “brass” or “mid-century.” When pieces are listed with those keywords, you’ll be notified. Items can be shipped and you can calculate shipping costs before you bid. Larger pieces have hefty shipping fees that can often be more expensive than the item itself, but if you’re in love with a piece, it will most likely be less expensive, even with shipping charges, than the price you’d pay buying it from a reputable dealer in a larger market like NY or LA.

The best thing about EBTH is every piece starts at $1. 

Now to the fun-for-you part! We’re giving away a $500 gift card to EBTH. Here’s how you enter to win:

  1. Go to EBTH and have a look around. Starting in the Editor’s Picks section is always good if you’re short on time.
  2. Pick at least one favorite piece that you’d use your gift to buy.
  3. Share it in the comments below.

See you here next week for our third Estate Sale installment!

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