10 Cute Laundry Hampers for Fall Cleaning

10 Cute Laundry Hampers for Fall Cleaning

Sometimes we joke at home that one of us likes to do the laundry and hates to fold, while the other likes to fold but doesn’t like getting the wash started. Together we manage to get things done enough to have clean clothes for each week, but laundry is never one of my favorite topics. But after a good summer cleaning of our house, I like to clean up my wardrobe as well and take better care of the things I have — which usually starts with laundry.

Right now we use a pretty industrial hamper, which I love, but I like having a smaller hamper in the bathroom for post-shower gym clothes. So today I did a little online shopping for cute hampers and came up with 10 that will help you keep your (and your little ones’) clothes organized while still looking nice in the closet or your room. xo, grace

from Design*Sponge http://www.designsponge.com/2016/11/10-cute-laundry-hampers-for-fall-cleaning.html


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