Studio Tour: Jeremy Ayers Pottery

Studio Tour: Jeremy Ayers Pottery

Throughout the past 150 years, the Ayers Family’s barn in Waterbury, VT has been home to a plethora of small businesses: a carriage repair company, a storage facility for the family general store and most recently, the studio and shop of potter Jeremy Ayers – great great grandson of the original owner. Luckily, when Jeremy and his wife took over the land six years ago, this storied family history hadn’t been totally forgotten. Frankly speaking, however, it was hidden behind layers of age and wear. It took two years to bring the property back to life, but through hard work, dedication and a strategic use of materials sourced right there from the land, the barn is now fully functioning again and the Ayers legacy safely lives on.

Most of the wood used to revamp the space into a studio and two accompanying guest apartments came from the 1870s-era barn itself. “We used thousands of board feet of reclaimed barn board that we saved in the demolition process, power washed, sorted by tone and then used for wainscoting, ceiling, trim and window casings,” Jeremy explains. There isn’t one spot in the new space that doesn’t feature the property’s original wood finishings, each room proving to be so pretty that Jeremy only needed a few decorations here and there to top them off. Click thorough to see exactly how he has mixed these new elements with nods to the past (including a fun and fabulous piece of great great grandad’s graffiti). Enjoy! —Garrett

Photography by Dylan Griffin & Jessica Anderson

from Design*Sponge


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