10 of Our Favorite Portland, OR Homes

10 of Our Favorite Portland, OR Homes

Whether or not you believe Portlandia (which locals tend to love-to-hate) that Portland, OR is where young people go to retire, there’s no doubting that “the rose city” attracts creative types. Their homes tend to double as workspaces, be reflections of their creative outlets and otherwise boost that imaginative spirit. Having grown up in a small town in Oregon, south of Portland, it was always the “cool” big city where the best concerts were, where all the good shopping was, where fresh and innovative ideas were born — and it’s also one of the best big cities in Oregon for proximity to snow, surf, and mountains. Portland is also a town that’s all about comfort: in Portland you can find some of the best doughnuts (feel free to debate in the comments about whether you’re Pip’s, Voodoo, or Blue Star kind-of folk), restaurants famous for their biscuits or unique ice cream flavors, one of the biggest independent book stores in the country, and coffee. All the coffee.

So, slip on your favorite wooly socks and Berks, grab a ceramic mug filled with your favorite coffee and curl up to see 10 of our favorite Portland homes. —Rebekah

from Design*Sponge http://www.designsponge.com/2016/10/10-of-our-favorite-portland-or-homes.html


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