Before & After: An Airstream Trailer In Seattle Gets a Complete Makeover

Before & After: An Airstream Trailer In Seattle Gets a Complete Makeover

Living an in alternative home might not be for everyone, but for Natasha Lawyer and Brett Bashaw, renovating and living in a 1972 31-foot Airstream Sovereign has only brought them closer (no, really, they share 200 square feet). “We started with our mutual desire to see the country,” Natasha recalls. “Last year my husband Brett and I bought a 1978 Volkswagen van, converted it into a camper, put everything we owned in storage and handed back the keys to our apartment. We traveled for six months living inside our Volkswagen which we christened with the name ‘Wes Vanderson.’ We began by crossing Canada from West to East, ending in Newfoundland and then headed South entering back into the United States in Maine and continuing our journey through the States. We loved the alternative way of living, and as our trip started winding down, we began talking about how we could live differently when we returned home. After such a transformational trip we didn’t want to simply return to regular life as it was before, as though our amazing journey never happened. We got the idea of renovating an Airstream to live in from lovely nomadic Insta-friends, Birch and Pine and started planning for it during the tail-end of our van trip. Eventually we sold our van through our Instagram account, bought a tow vehicle for our pending Airstream purchase, and headed back to Seattle. We purchased a gutted Airstream in Portland on the way home and started work on it in February of this year.”

Natasha and Brett have scrubbed, primed, painted and installed to transform their Airstream into a beautiful home for them, their two dogs and 59 plants! Taking Natasha’s art background and mixing it with her two years as a display designer for Anthropologie, the couple had the ground work for diving into the renovations. “We had Natasha’s Dad come help put up walls, wire, and guide us in the plumbing of the Airstream and then we started on cabinets,” they tell us. “When we moved in here, we had no running water, but after living in a van for six months it just felt like so much space for us! Since February we’ve gradually put up walls, built a closet, got the water running, installed a toilet and sink, built cabinetry, a daybed, added shelving, tiled a backsplash, whitewashed walls, installed fixtures, and have continued to add to our home by planting a container garden and building a patio outside. We’re eight months in and we’re about 75% finished at this point. As we’ve started wrapping up most of the major work on the interior, Brett has begun working on the exterior; buffing the aluminum to a mirror shine.”

I hope you enjoy this makeover as much as we do. It’s truly a beautiful transformation to take a gutted, moldy Airstream and turn it into a warm and inviting home. —Erin

Photography by Natasha Lawyer

from Design*Sponge


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