10 Amazing Wallpapered Entryways

10 Amazing Wallpapered Entryways

In terms of design, we naturally tend to focus our efforts on rooms that we spend most of our time in. Entryways often get neglected for the very same reason that makes them design opportunities — they’re areas that we mainly pass through. These smaller spaces are where first impressions are made, and there’s always room to add some personality!

An entryway can portray your personal design aestehtic in a nutshell, or it can be an inspiring prelude to what’s around the corner. It can also be a standalone statement that will leave your guests smiling every time they walk through the door. There are so many great ways to brighten up entryways, and wallpaper is definitely high on the list. Grace recently shared some thoughts on revamping her own entryway with some colorful wallpaper, and the rest of the team is equally inspired. To share the love, here’s a look into some of our favorite wallpapered entryways! Sofia

from Design*Sponge http://www.designsponge.com/2016/10/10-amazing-wallpapered-entryways.html


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