friday finds.

boho Home in Copenhagen. / sfgirlbybay
the leaves don’t change much around these parts of los angeles. eventually, they will but regardless, i can still feel fall in the air. you can see the changing seasons on pinterest too — the palette shifts from summer pastels and images pinned start getting plummy and golden-hued. it’s getting cozier and cozier everywhere i look, and i’m feeling those friday vibes where you’re ready to put on your softest sweater and just cruise slowly through the weekend. have a lazy one, everyone — this week’s been a doozy. xo, victoria

  1. a Fashion Designer’s beautiful boho Home in Copenhagen.
  2. swallows and damson’s instagram feed is most definitely one to follow if you’re into florals.
  3. a beautiful image of the winter light that’s soon coming our way by scott hardy.
  4. a bruce weber image for mui mui + luis barragan’s house — no other reason than i liked them together.
  5. goldenrod and royal purple make for the most perfect pairing.
  6. looking to warm up those hardwood floors this season? look no further than the rugs of sweden.
  7. and lastly, i bought some art supplies this week. i’ll let you know if anything comes of it. it’s been much too long since i got my art box out.

swallows and damson's on instagram. / sfgirlbybay

winter light on a red chair captured by scott hardy / sfgirlbybay

inspirational fall imagery / sfgirlbybay

inspirational fall home decor colors / sfgirlbybay

rugs of sweden / sfgirlbybay

art supplies / sfgirlbybay

from sfgirlbybay


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