A Family Home in Texas Layered with History and Vintage Finds

A Family Home in Texas Layered with History and Vintage Finds

Just like people, what gives a home its personality is the result of countless attributes and myriad layers of depth. As Aristotle put it best, “the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.”

For textile designer Heather Winn Bowman and Tibaut Bowman, a musician, the search for the right home to welcome the arrival of their daughter, Lola, went on for what felt like an eternity. “We really felt the pressure to get settled somewhere before Lola was born,” Heather explains. “When our realtor showed us this house, we both knew instantly it was where we needed to be.” For the couple, everything about this Austin, TX abode felt right. It was cozy, yet still spacious enough to allow for them both to work from home, raise their daughter, and offer their dogs, Oliver and Amelie, and Kibi the cat space to roam free.

Built over the span of three time periods, the home is layered with history, charm, and eclecticism. “The front of the house was built in 1936, the middle sometime in the 1970s, and our bedroom in the mid 2000s,” Heather begins. “There are still original details in the front of the house, and it gradually gets more modern as you walk back, but it flows together so well you hardly notice.” Between the creaky slanted floors and doors that don’t close all the way, to the modern conveniences of the kitchen and bathroom — and the fact that it’s located just blocks away from family, friends, great hiking spots, and the lake — it was the whole package that sold them on this 2,200-square-foot home.

Over the two years since they moved in, the couple has created a harmonious, functional, and toddler-friendly space that pays homage to their earthy, vintage design aesthetic. Some of the keys to maintaining this effort has been storage solutions paired with smart furniture and decor choices. “We have baskets all over the house for Lola’s toys,” Heather says, “and vintage rugs with darker colors and lots of texture are great, soft spaces for her to play.” As someone who works from home, Heather’s studio not only lends itself well to a makeshift play space for Lola on busy days, but acts as a design shop for their own home as well. “I use our furniture to photograph new pillows I weave or sew from vintage textiles for my shop updates, so I’m constantly rotating them out,” she states. “This allows me to make subtle changes to the room on a regular basis.” Of course, while the studio works for Heather now, she dreams of one day building a detached studio space in the backyard and turning her existing studio into a dedicated playroom for Lola — or eventually, a second bedroom if the couple decides to expand their family further. But as for the rooms they have renovated, the couple tackled their kitchen just before Lola’s arrival, and they just completed work on their master bedroom and bathroom. So for now, they’re settled, satisfied and happy. “There was a big push to get everything in order before Lola was born,” Heather shares. “I feel like we just recently got fully settled into our home!”

Improvements aside, for these native Texans, it’s the life, laughs, and love inside of their home that make it perfect. –Sabrina

Photography by Molly Winters

from Design*Sponge http://www.designsponge.com/2016/10/a-hands-on-family-home-in-texas-layered-with-history-and-vintage-finds.html


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