A Jewelry Designer’s Serene Home in Salt Lake City

A Jewelry Designer’s Serene Home in Salt Lake City

Plans change when you fall in love, especially when it’s with a new city. A vacation turns into a temporary living arrangement, which then turns into something a little more permanent. For Chris and Annabelle Rey, their love for skiing and the outdoors took them from California’s Bay Area to Salt Lake City, UT.

Chris is a project coordinator for a design firm and Annabelle is a jewelry designer and owner of Magpie and Rye – a curated online and brick-and-mortar boutique. They decided to temporarily stick around in Utah for a while, but in just a few months of enjoying their new city, the couple fell completely in love. “Life here is slower and easier, and we were ready for the change of pace,” Annabelle says. They quickly began looking for a home to settle down in permanently.

After seeing a home listing online, Annabelle drove 10 hours straight from California to Utah to see it in person that same evening. “It had everything we wanted – the yard, the location, the layout, the charm – but it needed a lot of love,” Annabelle shares. “This place was a project!”

Over the next few months, the couple spent every free minute working on their place, meeting with plumbers, electricians, etc. ”It was a great bonding experience with the house. As we peeled away layers of paint and wallpaper, the story of our home revealed itself.” Annabelle and Chris were able to keep the charm of their home from 1910 with a soft color palette and a mixture of minimalism with a curated and elegant sensibility. –Tawnee

Photography by Annabelle Rey


Living Room
Rock print by Reilly Miller.
Ceramic crystal on the mantel by MQuan
Branch lights are by design duo Anzfer Farms in San Francisco
Brass chest is an antique
Pillow by Blockshop.
Vase by Clam Lab with grasses
Wood sculptures by Julian Watts
Wing drawing by Afton Love found at our favorite neighborhood shop back when we lived in Oakland, Esqueleto
Chair available through magpieandrye.com
Magazine holder from Anthropologie
Antique brass lamp found scavenging Alameda Flea

Dining Room
Botanical drawing by Strange Dirt
Painting by Ron Linns
Wooden chain by Lou Zeldis
Watercolor by Malissa Ryder

A few odds and ends: The Yankee bobblehead has been Chris’ since he was a kid. The woven vessel is by Tracy Wilkinson. The ceramic totem is by Heidi B Anderson (similar styles at magpieandrye.com).

The woven utensil pots are by Tracy Wilkinson
Small paintings are from my art school days, and a constant reminder that I should be painting. The trivet is an antique iron thing I found somewhere.
Stoneware bowls by my mom, Stephanie Suzanne
Wood bowl and boards by Love Lynsey
Ceramic wine vessels and espresso cups by Claire Ginn
Stacking mugs by Hasami
Ceramic pitcher by Stephanie Suzanne
Floral ceramic tile by Makoto Kagoshima
Copper kettle, pour-over and black mugs available at magpieandrye.com

Antique heart prints found at Tail of the Yak in Berkeley
Rock print from Reilly Miller
Ceramic wall hanging by Heather Levine found at Esqueleto

Light fixtures from Schoolhouse Electric
Tea Towel available at magpieandrye.com
The Apollo Necklace is part of my jewelry line, Rye Collection

Moon dish by MQuan and jewelry from Rye Collection

from Design*Sponge http://www.designsponge.com/2016/10/a-jewelry-designers-serene-home-in-salt-lake-city.html


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