6 Super Cute Carry-On Luggage Options

6 Super Cute Carry-On Luggage Options

Back in 2011 when I went across the country for our 30+ city book tour, I went through a few pieces of luggage, unexpectedly. The first bag had handles that detached, the second bag got flagged so often for looking like it wasn’t carry-on size (even though it was), and the third ended up looking better than it worked (hint: thin canvas casing gets dirty and rips really quickly). So for this year’s tour I’m not messing around. I’m making sure I have a bag I can easily carry — even while running — between flights or trains. I want it to look good, too, but it’s got to work well above all else.

So after testing and research, these are the 6 awesome carry-on bags I’ve narrowed down for my final search. Hopefully they’ll come in handy if you need to pick something new for fall or holiday travel this year, too! xo, grace

*These are all bags with wheels and handles. I’ve given up on shoulder bags. I just end up running between gates and getting a huge indentation in my shoulder and a sore arm.

from Design*Sponge http://www.designsponge.com/2016/10/6-super-cute-carry-on-luggage-options.html


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