A Classical Townhouse in Belgium Gets a Modern Makeover

A Classical Townhouse in Belgium Gets a Modern Makeover

You wake up to a view of a 1930s fireplace, stretch your arms, then sip on your morning coffee in your lush garden. After that it’s off to work, but it’s just down the hall a mere few steps away. At lunch, you wander through your town’s shops and snack as neighbors shout “Hello!” in passing. It sounds like a fantasy, but it is very much a reality for the founders of creative studio Coffeeklatch, Magali Elali and Bart Kiggen. As you’ll see, their stellar pad in the center of Antwerp, Belgium has given them all this and so much more.

In a way, the dreamy day-to-day life they lead in their townhouse is a reward for renovating the 1930s-era stunner. Painting and replastering the old walls was first, but that was to be expected with an older home. The surprise came after the couple had their garden professionally designed. The results were so gorgeous and lush, the pair proceeded to have their dining room, living room and kitchen renovated to capitalize on the view of the garden. Now from nearly every spot in the house you can peek at the greenery.

Glimpse at the inside of the home, on the other hand, and greens as bright as the garden’s are hard to come by. Bold hues of any color are rare, in fact, because the pair favors a more muted palette. They’ve also chosen neutral furniture as opposed to zippy accent pieces in a strategic design move that keeps on giving. By keeping these larger items simpler, Magali and Bart have granted themselves the freedom to bring in and out vintage finds without fear they’ll clash with the overall aesthetic. It’s a clever way to keep their home current and modern, and I love its look. Click through to see the rest of their streamlined abode. Enjoy. —Garrett

Photography by Bart Kiggen

from Design*Sponge http://www.designsponge.com/2016/10/a-classical-townhouse-in-belgium-gets-a-modern-makeover.html


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