My Plywood Interior Hunt Inspired by the charming Noboru Nakamura

My Plywood Interior Hunt Inspired by the charming Noboru Nakamura


I recently bought my first home and, as the stars would have it, it came complete with a lot of brown paneling. It was built in 1975 and has a wonderful pyramid or hip roof with a huge 5′ x 5′ skylight right in the middle and an open floor plan. Yes, that means I can literally lie in my living room, kitchen or dining area and watch the clouds go by. As for the paneling, I’ve decided it has to go.

While researching online alternatives that would fit my budget and would marry well with the clouds and sky, I came across this video from IKEA that features an interview with one of the designers of the famous POÄNG chair, which celebrated its 40th anniversary at the beginning of this month. Noboru Nakamura speaks in the video with modest, heartfelt words about the origins of the chair and the importance of movement in design. It’s definitely worth the watch. What struck me about the video, beyond Noboru’s fond reminiscing, was his home. Its minimalist design seems to hold so many secrets of a productive and peaceful life — exactly the type of feeling I’m looking for in my own home. And the best part of Noboru’s interior? The plywood covering the walls. It’s exactly what I was looking for. Thank you stars!

Click through to a slideshow with 10 more beautiful plywood interiors + some lovely images from the updated POÄNG series, especially if you need a quick dose of calm. –Caitlin

P.S. There’s some pink involved with the updated POÄNG series!

Images above from The Lunchbox Architect and IKEA; Video below from IKEA




from Design*Sponge


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