on trend: turquoise.

colorful turquoise bedroom decor / sfgirlbybay

maire claire maison.

helloooo, monday! forgive me while i get a little colorful this morning and start our day with a bold burst of the blues — turquoise, to be exact. i’m seeing these exotic hues of green-blue everywhere — including the fashion world and it makes you wonder, does design follow fashion? or is it the other way around? case in point — this season’s gucci is as colorful as these rooms, so which do you reckon came first? or, perhaps it’s just a case of turquoise serendipity charming the realm of design in all arenas.

turquoise wall paint and decor / sfgirlbybay

by koket.

turquoise textiles / sfgirlbybay

houzz + gucci via mirella bruno.

turquoise patterned wallpaper / sfgirlbybay

wit & delight.

turquoise walls and decor / sfgirlbybay

irina graewerussell smith photography.

turquoise gucci fashion / sfgirlbybay

gucci via w magazine.

turquoise cabinet with painted flowers / sfgirlbybay

pinecone camp.

glass jars in shades of green / sfgirlbybay turquoise folding chairs / sfgirlbybay

jonas ingerstedt photography + sköna hem.

turquoise wall paint / sfgirlbybay

Bella Quotidiano.

turquoise blouse and plant / sfgirlbybayturquoise patterned wallpaper / sfgirlbybay

gucci via tommy ton + blue agave via escuyer + wit & delight.

tuquoise tile / sfgirlbybay

estee stanley interiors & styling.

turquoise textiles / sfgirlbybay

casamance + gucci via tommy ton.



from sfgirlbybay http://www.sfgirlbybay.com/2016/09/19/on-trend-turquoise/


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