A Split-Level Gem Where Two styles Have Become One

A Split-Level Gem Where Two styles Have Become One

When most homeowners start to look for a new abode, it’s all about location, location, location. It makes sense. Buying a home is a big investment, so where it stands isn’t something to take lightly. But when you love every corner of your city as much as LUSITANO1143’s founder Carlos João Parreira and his partner Greg do, location takes a backseat to finding a gem you can make your own.

Nearly two years ago, these New Yorkers decided to leave the rent race and find a spot to call their own. When they did, Carlos and Greg expanded their search well beyond the Tribeca stomping grounds they were so familiar with. No burrow was off-limits, and no apartment was outside of their consideration. They were looking for outdoor space, a place that would let them combine their styles, and a spot to settle down with their two pets. In the end, a stand-out, split-level apartment situated in one of Williamsburg, Brooklyn’s old cheesecake factories proved to be the perfect option for the pair.

The sleek – yet casual – apartment boasts private, outdoor space and three stories worth of renovations. When all was said and done, the biggest undertaking proved to be re-outfittting the kitchen. It took over 20 trips to IKEA to finish up the space! The pair loves entertaining, though, so renovating the social hub of their home was worth it. Now, guests are greeted by a marble waterfall countertop and streamlined, white cabinetry. When the entertaining is done, it’s now easier than ever for Carlos and Greg to plop down in bed thanks to another of their renovations. The previous owners had a simple ladder leading to their suite, but the full staircase Carlos and Greg installed is much more to the pair’s liking.

While the overhaul was challenging, the changes have proven to be the perfect backdrop for worldly accessories from Carlos’ Portuguese upbringing and Greg’s stint in the UK. The combination of their collections gives the space the dash of personality they’d always wanted in a home. “Our favorite spaces have always been those that reflected the people that lived there, those that made us want to have a cocktail with the [owners],” the couple tells us. I think you’ll agree after taking a peek inside their Brooklyn space that Carlos and Greg have created such a home as that. Anyone would be lucky to sip on a cocktail while soaking up this pretty apartment. Until that day comes, you can virtually visit this stylish set’s first home together after the jump. Enjoy! —Garrett

Photography by Carlos João Parreira

from Design*Sponge http://www.designsponge.com/2016/09/a-split-level-gem-where-two-styles-have-become-one.html


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