Living With Pattern + Best of the Web


Like Grace mentioned last week, it’s a great time for books. Not only are we looking forward to Grace’s book tour and the launch of In the Company of Women in a few weeks, we’re also stocking up on all of the new releases from amazing women in all areas of lifestyle and design. One undeniable favorite from the last few weeks is full of shapes, lines and repeating patterns. Surface designer Rebecca Atwood’s first book has been an immediate hit and it’s no surprise why.

When Rebecca Atwood’s book, Living With Pattern: Color, Texture, and Print at Home came in the mail a few weeks ago, I couldn’t put it down. Her expertise as a surface and pattern designer is conveyed in the most approachable, friendly and practical tone. Everything around me felt instantly too boring, plain and solid. Pattern therapy has helped. Rebecca’s love and appreciated for prints and patterns is contagious and everyone is catching it. Living With Pattern is filled with inspirational images of real homes and rooms layered in various scales, colors and materials of pattern. The book cover itself will already lend itself to adding more depth and interest to your bookshelf or coffee table with its design. Hopefully you’ve picked up a copy for yourself but if not, find it here. –Lauren

Photography by Austin Day




from Design*Sponge


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