friday finds.

italian stone street with red scooter / sfgirlbybay

it’s finally friday — and even though it was a short work week, i still feel like, “whew! we made it!”, and darn it but if i don’t still have the travel itch. labor day has come and gone, and still no summer holiday for me. i’ve got to get out of town! or at least pretend like i am. happy weekend, or shall i say, bon voyage everyone!

xo, victoria

  1. i’d like to jump aboard this scooter and zoom around some lazy italian town like puglia all day — wouldn’t you?
  2. i just read a great book called the rocks, which takes place in Mallorca, spain and that just made the travel bug worse — the descriptions of the sea were most beguiling. what books do you suggest i read next?
  3. a trip to the local farmer’s market always makes me feel just a little bit continental — the hollywood farmer’s market is my favorite, and i love this Oversized Fique Net Bag from someware for collecting my goods — very euro cool, indeed.
  4. i’ve noticed a new Epicurious trend of late — eating tinned seafood, like octopus & anchovies. restaurants like NYC’s maiden lane and LA’s Bar Covell are serving it up alongside cocktails like crazy. feels very european to me, so maybe i’ll snack on that this weekend.
  5. or maybe i’ll just get lost looking at maps all weekend — i’ve got a thing for ’em, and artist libby vander ploeg’s are some of my favorites. i’ve got a whole pinboard dedicated to just maps.

books piled in corner of modern room with moroccan area rug / sfgirlbybay

Oversized Fique Net Bag from someware. / sfgirlbybay

colorful tin of canned sardines / sfgirlbybay

may designed by artist libby vander ploeg / sfgirlbybay

from sfgirlbybay


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