A Souk Inspired A-Frame in Portland, OR

A Souk Inspired A-Frame in Portland, OR

Normally, A-frame homes bring to mind remote, wooded locales that are more often than not nestled into  the side of a mountain. However, deep in SE Portland, OR there is a rare and charming A-frame that boutique owner, Anna Margaret, and artist, Srijon Chowdhury share with Anna’s two daughters, Ava and Lilith, and a host of adorable critters including Pomeranians, Oliver and Eli, and guinea pigs, Raven and Willa.

Built in 1961 by original owner Michael Miles, the home started out as just the A-frame portion and the current master bedroom. Michael added the upper wing and garage after he married and had children. Anna and Srijon’s abode is now a very large 3,600 square feet; entering the living room one stairway leads up to the master bedroom and bathroom, three more bedrooms, a half bath and a library while a second stairway leads down to the kitchen, dining room, a full bathroom, and a family room. Doors off the dining room lead to a half-acre yard that houses the family’s five chickens and an art studio where Srijon works on paintings and sculptures.

Having discovered the listing by chance on Facebook, Anna says, “I wasn’t even looking for a house at the time, but I knew it was my spirit house! Sri thought I was crazy at first, and honestly the real estate pictures were brighter and prettier than the cat-pee-smelling reality of the home. It was in really poor condition, but I could see her lovely bones beneath the damaged flooring and warped countertops.” After closing on the home, Anna and family got to work painting everything white (Behr’s Polar Bear, to be exact) to maximize light. The damaged and unsalvageable flooring was replaced with hardwood Acacia, Anna’s dream flooring, and the kitchen was remodeled with IKEA cabinets and open walnut shelves crafted by Srijon. They kept the original open layout with the only major change being a small extension of the island.

After the hard work was done, Anna began creating a space that felt special and unique to them. “Sri and I do much of our work at home and it’s important that our home feels peaceful, open and not too cluttered,” Anna shares. “While it’s full of sentimental family antiques, textiles from our travels and plenty of artwork, it maintains a soft, spacious vibe. I let the kids choose their bedroom wall colors and much of their decor — I want everyone to feel welcome and content in the space.” A collector of textiles since high school when she spent time volunteering at an orphanage in Guatemala, Anna has employed plush and cozy layers in just about every corner — and everywhere in between. Intimate seating areas are also abundant and dressed up with art, candles, and plants. The result is a warm and inviting home made for relaxing and enjoying family time. —Allison

Photography by Allison Burt-Tilden

from Design*Sponge http://www.designsponge.com/2016/09/a-souk-inspired-a-frame-in-portland-or.html


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