Social Media DOs & (Please) DON’Ts

Social Media DOs & (Please) DON'Ts
Just saying “social media” out loud makes me cringe. It’s completely devoid of the heart and personality that make #posting and #sharing so great to begin with. But as we grow into media-savvy fans, brands, or both, we begin to understand why that robotic step back makes sense. Social media isn’t just a way to shout about feelings, it’s also a useful tool and it needs to be treated like one.

When cooking, there’s the recipe, and then there’s the stuff you figure out on your own. Though I can’t really cook, I can post like it’s my job (and sometimes it is). Here’s what I’ve learned. –ADAMJK

Social Media DOs & (Please) DON'Ts
DO: Be Honest
DO: Be Nice
DO: Be Spontaneous
DO: Be A Fan
DON'T: Be (Too) Desperate
DON'T: Be Untouchable
DON'T: Be Cocky
DON'T: Be Missing


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Adam J. KurtzAdam J. Kurtz (better known as ADAMJK) is an artist, idiot, and author of 1 Page at a Time: A Daily Creative Companion. His dark (but optimistic) humor comes to life in an offbeat line of gifts and small trinkets. Follow him at @ADAMJK or in real life (he lives in Brooklyn because of course he does).




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